About Aeris Partners

Aeris Partners provides M&A and growth equity advisory services to leading software, digital media, business information and technology-enabled services companies.

Our partners are technology and M&A advisory experts averaging 20 years of experience, each with a distinguished track record of success. Clients value our ability to deliver exceptional valuations, terms and close rates. We have completed more than 180 technology M&A and growth equity transactions valued in excess of $20 billion.

We are committed to delivering outstanding service and exceptional results for each client. Our approach has been developed and refined over many years and encompasses knowledge, process and people. Combined with longstanding industry relationships, we believe domain expertise, judgment and insight, and flawless execution are essential to delivering superior outcomes:


Domain Expertise

We leverage extensive domain expertise to assess, refine and articulate market and company dynamics, growth trends and value propositions to drive superior outcomes. We have developed domain expertise over years of M&A advisory, venture capital and software development experience and are passionate about technology.

Judgment and Insight

Judgment and insight include the ability of an advisor to operate with imperfect information, connect a trail of dots, and ultimately develop and deliver sound recommendations to clients. We believe these attributes, which require both instinct and experience, are the most difficult to teach and yet key to the sustained success of a senior advisor.

Flawless Execution

Flawless execution and an uncompromising attention to detail are central to our firm’s culture. We demonstrate our drive and commitment to flawless execution through the depth and quality of our strategic and analytical thinking, the quality of our client deliverables, and, most of all, our results.